The Case on Lithium


Lithium is one of the most critical metals in modern industry, with uses ranging from aeronautics with light lithium alloys to medicine. The most important usage nowadays is Lithium-ion Batteries (LIBs), offering long term relevance. Lithium has been gaining investor interest, largely due to forecast demand growth in the rechargeable LIBs market. The price of lithium has been falling since its peak in April 2018 (Figure 1) at $20,000 per Metric Ton, due to speculated oversupply and a slower rise of demand than predicted.

This report gives an overview of the lithium industry: what lithium is and what its uses are; the extraction methods, innovations in the extraction market and the various lithium products; where the lithium resources are; alternatives to lithium in LIBs and renewable energy storage; future lithium demand and the investment case, with respect to the supply and demand factors in the market.

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