Salar de Arizaro


Lithium Chile commenced its Phase Two Program in June 2022 with the goal of establishing a measured resource and increasing the lithium carbonate equivalent grade on the Salar de Arizaro.

Phase Two Program Highlights include:

  • Five to seven Exploration holes (Diamond Drill Rig)
  • Four to five Production holes (Rotary Rig)
  • One fresh-water well
  • Metallurgical Studies
  • An updated 43-101 report after each production hole.
  • A permanent camp on the Western Flank of the Salar de Arizaro to house both the exploration team and the to accommodate the employees of the planned DLE production facility.
  • A preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA); analysis of the potential viability of the mineral resources.

Metallurgical Studies

  • 2,000 litres of brine collected from the first production well.
  • Tests include advanced chemistry studies at the Company’s lab in Jujuy Province to determine best production processes for lithium extraction, conducting evaporation tests to determine concentrations that will yield optimum recovery of lithium.

Water Well in Arizaro

  • The Company’s first water well, CHASCHA SUR-01, has been drilled, completed, and cased on the southern border of the Salar de Arizaro.
  • Over a 100-metre water aquifer was identified.
  • Data from the well was submitted to the Salta Provincial Water Ministry in support of a future application to use a percentage of the water for a lithium carbonate production plant of 15,000 tons per year and to be used in camp for approximately eighty people.

Arizaro Project – On The Ground

  • The Company’s camp on the Salar de Arizaro accommodates 50 employees as a result of significantly expanded operations.
  • The camp is complete with a kitchen, dining room and health & safety modules.